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#okay I’m gonna be honest with you guys #remember that completely gratuitous and unnecessary shirtless Derek dream sequence in season 2? #and how Jeff Davis in interviews literally admitted that he added it in because someone reminded him that #Hoechlin hadn’t been shirtless all season and had worked really hard on his body #and Jeff was all ‘oh shit!’ but then was like ‘I know! Unecessary dream sequence that I’ll never have to explain! #as long as they get their shirtless Hoechlin no one will question it!’ #Like this is honestly something he admitted in interviews is what happened. #And well real talk #as much as I want to hold onto this scene as this huge shining sterek moment in a season that gave us zero actual interaction between them #When I first watched it all I could think about was the naked Derek dream sequence #and how I just bet at somepoint during this season it finally clicked that people were genuinely upset about the lack of sterek #that the show really wasn’t being subtle about it and wasn’t pulling it off successfully at all #and Jeff probably was all ‘oh shit!’ and then was like ‘I know! Unecessary dream sequence that I’ll never have to explain! #As long as they get their sterek no one will question it! #NAILED IT’

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dear teen wolf

Why wasn’t Allison the one possessed by the nogitsune? 

You had it, right here, the perfect death scenario. Why wasn’t everything that Stiles did this season done by Allison instead? Losing time and terrible possessions, rapid switches between teary eyed innocence and smirking malevolence. I realize you have a giant collective crush on Dylan O’Brien’s everything (I understand, I do), but have you seen Crystal act?

Allison as the nogitsune. That scene where Silverfinger warns Chris Argent he might have to kill his daughter comes back to slay us. She plays Scott like a fiddle, impales him in the vet clinic, smirking as wet dark hair falls across her cheekbones—imagine this, okay? Kidnapping Lydia. What a betrayal that would be, coming from Allison’s hands. What a blow for Lydia, to watch something living in her best friend’s skin, sidling close and leering, cutting deep. I want those scenes. 

An Allison consumed from the inside by a foreign darkness would be beautiful. Or rather: an Allison struggling against it— that’s always been her story. She is trying so hard not to be Kate. So much of her arc has been fighting that darkness; embracing her terrible strengths and turning them to the light. (She takes the brutal, vengeful code of her forefathers and turn it from a bloody blade into a shield).

Instead of Stiles inheriting his mother’s illness, Allison inherits her aunt’s darkness, her mother’s brittle vengeance. Give me this

And do you see what this would get you? Instead of an insipid “surprise” death, a useless one—we get the sacrifice. We get a season of buildup, of earning, of this warrior born of dark bloodlines and old scars, of this young woman who loves so hard, who is so terrified of being her aunt— 

Her friends will keep trying to defend her from the oni, to save her from the fox— Lydia pleads and listens and searches; Scott tries so damn hard to be a hero, to find a way to keep his promises. Chris Argent crumbles and crumbles from the inside out, burning within the way his sister burned without. 

But in the end, Allison stands, grappling for a moment of control against the darkness inside her. There is blood on her hands. It is not hers. The thing in her chest promises chaos and pain, screams for it, the way she can hear Kate’s voice sometimes at night. COME ON!

She knows there are some battles you cannot win. Or, rather, Allison knows protecting other people is the victory, no matter the cost. Protecting other people is something worth dying for. Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger leurs-même.

"Do it," Allison tells her father. She is an Argent and she will live by her code.

She will die by it. 

I have no idea! I really thought this was where they were going — I was picking up clues and everything! though honestly I thought there were *two* of them, and both Stiles & Allison were possessed. I cannot figure out why all the dubious stuff involving Allison (visions of Kate, mysterious phone calls, turning off her phone when she never does that, etc etc) was in there, if it wasn’t part of a plot.

I’m prepared to get on the bandwagon for any fic written during the coming hiatus that actually *uses* all the Allison stuff from 3B to show how her “death” was not so much a death as a nogitsune trick, and she’s ALIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVE. Seriously, there’s *lots* of room for an alive!Allison theory to make more sense than canon.

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Guess you can’t have two girls with weapons for too long. Guess Kira is just gonna take her place. Guess females are just disposable.

For what it’s worth, Crystal wanted to leave the show. She’s 29 years old and she was tired of playing a teenager.

colton haynes wanted to leave the show and had a perfect arc that would lead up to a satisfying, heroic death. but they let him live and then said “oh, jackson moved to london” instead, leaving it open for him to come back. 

by contrast, when crystal wanted to leave (after watching her character be sidelined and underused all season, by the way, as well as dealing with disrespect and hate from the fanbase that on some occasions were even rubbed in her face by showrunners) they murdered her in a super bullshit way. 

it’s not just about allison, anyway. this is a pattern on this show—killing off women and poc unnecessarily and in stupid, pointless ways, at the same time that they bend over backwards to resurrect white men over and over. that’s what this post is about, that’s what the anger is about. 

(no offense to you daisydaisyadair i’m just venting in general)

I think the best illustration of how much of a failure Jeff Davis is as a writer/showrunner is how he views Allison’s exit. Crystal Reed talked about the conversation with Davis about her leaving:

I wanted to jump into different characters. (…) So I went to Jeff and talked about it and he said, “We’ll write you a great ending.” (source)

He considers fridging a character a “great ending”. At this point, I wish the finale is “Rocks fall, everyone dies,” so that all these people can move onto better things.






I’m pretty tired of all those people beating the shit out of Jeff Davis for his ‘sexism’ and for his ‘racism’ in his character deaths and such. SO let me give my perspective. Death by death.

I don’t think that the people who are negative criticize the show really stop and think about what Teen Wolf was meant to be; a campy TV show on MTV about a group of teens and werewolves.

Them criticizing the show is ok. Them wanting it to be better is ok. Them wishing that their favorite character(s) lived is ok.

What isn’t okay is them saying that the people who are less seemingly obsessed critical of the show are ignoring important social issues. As sad as it is, racism and sexism are still present in today’s society and should not be ignored. But just because some of us choose to look at the positives more than the negatives of a show that we really enjoy, that doesn’t mean we are racist/sexist/homophobic/non-inclusive bigots.

While perhaps this OP didn’t go about getting her point across in the most…respectful way, she has a valid point. ******************************************* Y’all are free to your own opinions, but don’t try to impose them on someone else or belittle the people who enjoy a show that, for all intents and purposes, was meant to be a cheesy story about teens and werewolves.

I’m sorry, but no. The OP doesn’t have a valid point. Just because you (the generic you) can enjoy the show without the social issues bothering you doesn’t mean those social issues don’t exist. It also doesn’t have to mean that you don’t care about those social issues. There are plenty of shows that have had scores of issues that I have enjoyed unashamedly, including Teen Wolf Season 1.

However, the OP’s rant was directed at ‘proving’ that what people pointed out as issues were not really issues. They failed making that point because there is just too much factual evidence to show otherwise. If the post had been about all the good things the show has done instead of justifying the bad things then I wouldn’t have commented, because raining on someone’s joy parade is a crap thing to do. But that was not the direction they took. Instead they tried to invalidate legitimate issues by denying they even exist. That doesn’t scream to me that this is someone just trying to look at the positives. It tells me that they’re doing this shit in rl too.

And just because it’s supposed to be a cheesy story about teenage werewolves doesn’t mean I it shouldn’t be progressive, especially when the show runner likes to bill it that way.



I’m pretty tired of all those people beating the shit out of Jeff Davis for his ‘sexism’ and for his ‘racism’ in his character deaths and such. SO let me give my perspective. Death by death.

If they’re out of order or I miss one sue me.

Okay, sure, let’s talk about death. About how 50% of the named female characters have died on the show. That’s not an exaggeration, btw, it’s actually FIFTY FUCKING PERCENT.

FIRST DEATH - Laura Hale - yeah we didn’t know her. Why was her death necesary? She’s Dereks sister, born and raised to be an Alpha. If she was the Alpha, she would have known what the hell she was doing being an Alpha and pulling together a pack. If she had lived, well, there goes half of the plot of season one.

There is no canon evidence that she was born or raised to be an Alpha. And, here’s a wild idea, why not switch Laura and Peter’s roles? She wouldn’t have been fridged before opening credits and we could have had a more balanced gender ratio. There’s literally no significant change in the story arc by switching those two characters.

SECOND DEATH- Kate Argent- Badass hunter bitch who you’re like ‘hell yeah I could like you’ at first and then you find out SHE FUCKING KILLED DER-BEAR’S WHOLE FAMILY. She had to die because of that. What other reason do you need?

I don’t have any significant issue with Kate’s death, but why did she have to die any more than Peter? More than Gerard? More than Deucalion or the twins? They all did really horrible things. The only differences between them and Kate are that she’s a woman and she’s dead.

THIRD DEATH- Peter- evil dude who killed Laura. Why does no one care he died? He’s just as bad as Kate Argent, but since she’s a girl NO. Jeff is a Sexist pig for killing her.

Yeah, except, oh wait, that’s right. Peter came back.

FIFTH DEATH- Victoria Argent- Why did she have to die? The main reason is because the Argent Leaders are always women, For Allison (may she rest in peace) to BECOME the Leader, the previous one had to die.

I never understood why Victoria didn’t have a bigger part, especially with regards to Allison’s training. I mean, if Allison’s supposed to be the next leader then why the fuck was Chris doing all of her training? And, textually, it probably would have made more sense if Victoria’s and Chris’ personalities were switched. Like, growing up under Gerard, how did Chris not become like his father and sister? It would have made way more sense for Victoria to grow the conscience if she married into the family. And if she’s the one growing the conscience it actually would have made more sense if Gerard killed her and framed the wolves. It would have been better than her fucking offing herself for no reason whatsoever.

SEVENTH DEATH - Gerard…?- He’s the big bad. Why is it okay to kill off him but not Kate? I don’t get it.


EIGHTH DEATH- Erica- They’re getting rid of Derek’s pack. At the end of season two, they caught Boyd and Erica. Erica is a smart mouth and they probably got sick of her sass. So, like the bad guys they are, they killed her. It doesn’t really matter, they had to kill her in the end to weaken Derek’s pack. It’ wasn’t because she was a girl, it was because Isaac was more loyal to Derek/Scott and didn’t run away.

The white dude being written as more loyal than the girl and the POC. Because that doesn’t have racial or sexist undertones. And while we’re on that topic, why couldn’t they just have let Erica and Boyd leave? That would have weakened his pack too. Except supposedly they kept them because they wanted Derek to kill them so he could be part of their little group. Except that then they killed Erica anyway. Wow, it’s almost like the Alphas had no clear motives for anything they were doing.

TENTH DEATH- Boyd- Same reason as stated before. Opportunity. Also, they’re sure Boyd is more loyal to Derek than he is to Scott, unlike Isaac, who seems very on the fence about the whole thing. They’re destroying the people close to Derek and those loyal to him to get rid of his pack and make him desperate. And the fact that he’s black? Honestly, what does that matter? What does that have to do with ANYTHING really. No, please, tell me. Why does it matter that he’s black? He’s not the only ethnic person on the show. Why does the color of his skin make him any more important? I cried not because Jeff was a terrible writer and killed off the only black kid on the show, but because he killed off Vernon, the quiet rock of Derek’s pack. The poor kid who only wanted to escape his family, who was overlooked, but who was obviously Dereks’ most loyal and level headed beta.

So, wait, Isaac was loyal, which is why the Alphas didn’t get him, but now he’s on the fence. And Boyd was disloyal enough to be taken, but now he’s more loyal to Derek than Isaac is. I would make fun of you for that, but that’s exactly what we were given by the writing team.

And it matters that he’s black because of the 32 named characters in 3a only 9 were POC. That’s only 28% of the characters. Of that 28%, one third of them died.

It matters that Erica is female because of the 13 female characters in 3a, FIFTY FOUR PERCENT of them died and they were only 40% of the characters to begin with.

So they weren’t initially getting enough representation and then they were killed off at an alarming rate. That’s the issue.

THIRTEENTH DEATH- Kali- She’s a bad ass alpha whose (presumably) mate/lover has died. She wants revenge and to keep her powers. She dies by the hands of another female, Jennifer, who is the ultimate bad guy to this season. She dies because she’s the bad guy. What, you want her to live to get revenge later? She was a bad ass bitch whose plot came full circle. She had to die for her badness. ALSO, she has no ties to any other characters.

25% of the bad male characters were killed. 100% of the bad female characters were killed.

20% of the bad white characters were killed. 100% of the bad POC characters were killed.

Clearly being a bad character is not usually enough to deserve death. However, if you’re bad and female and/or POC your chances of dying go up to 100%.

The twins lived because they both had emotional ties to other characters that started out as lies but turned into something more. Even later, you figure out the reason they joined Ducalion was to escape their miserable lives.

Because only white male characters are redeemable. Because, I mean, Jennifer had a pretty tragic backstory. She also had emotional ties to another character. It wasn’t a healthy emotional tie, but you could argue that with the twins too.

ALLISON- Why did Allison die? Well, lets start with Crystal’s wishes. She wants to move on. Allison as a role was her foot in the door, but Crystal is 29 years old. It has to be hard to play a 17 year old girl. She talked to Jeff and she didn’t want an opening to possibly come back, not like Colton.

I fully support Crystal moving on front Teen Wolf, but whether she wanted to come back to the show or not, there was no compelling reason to kill her.

Secondly, Allison died because Lydia is still not 100% on board with this supernatural shit. She doesn’t want any part of it, she doesn’t really really believe in herself or her abilities, and she needed that push to get her to go. Lydia… her best friend is dead. She told them to stay away because she knew this was going to happen, She knew it. Now there’s no denying it, no brushing it off as coincidence.

Finally, as much as everyone wishes that her story was just beginning, I felt it was ending. She did the whole ‘Superhero starts out good - goes to figurative ‘dark side’ - superhero redeems themselves’ Yes, she could have kept going, she could have had a beautiful story that continued, but that’s not what her actor, Crystal Reed, wanted. She had a beautiful death full of realization and love and triumph. Her time came. And just because she’s a woman, those of you who only see that fact, are belittling her. Her plot importance, her death’s defining moments.

You keep saying that Crystal wanted her character to die, but I have not seen anything to support that. Either way, I don’t fucking care how beautiful you think her death was. It was lazy writing. Narratively it would have made more sense for Chris to die and Allison to leave BH. And they can say Allison died for Lydia, but she didn’t even get to see Allison before she died, yet Scott, Chris, and Isaac were all right there with her.

All I want to say in conclusion is how dare you. Any of you out there who belittle these people into their genders and races to define them as so much less than what they meant to the overall plot of Teen Wolf. Jeff Davis is a great writer who is breaking gender stereotypes with female villains and ethnic boundaries by not categorizing people as either ‘black’ or ‘white’. Not to mention his LGBT characters being out in general and not hiding it. If you don’t how he writes his characters, don’t watch his show. Don’t ‘keep tabs’ on it, don’t call yourself a Teen Wolf fan. But most of all, Don’t belittle my favorite show and it’s amazing writer. Fuck You All

In conclusion, how dare you? How dare you suggest that people wanting POC and female representation are doing anything other than speaking out against something that needs to be fixed, in Teen Wolf and in the media.

How dare you suggest that taking a colorblind attitude is anything other than racist. Pro tip: it is.

How dare you suggest that killing off fifty percent of your female characters is a totally acceptable thing to do and then give the bogus excuse that it’s story driven. THEY’RE WRITING THE FUCKING STORY THEY CAN MAKE IT ANYTHING THEY WANT.

How dare you suggest that the TW writer’s implication that only white male characters are redeemable is the correct one.

How dare you say that I can’t criticize the media I consume, especially when it’s perpetuating gender and racial inequality.

And fuck you too for thinking that your anger or annoyance that people are criticizing something you love is in any way comparable to the casual racism and sexism that you and Teen Wolf are perpetuating.

If the show is your happy place, fine, but don’t pitch a fit because some people are pointing out shit you’re happier to ignore. If you want to ignore this shit in the show then you can damn well ignore the people who are pointing out the flaws.


Scott McCall covered in kittens + Sciles for birthday girl tailoredshirt! I hope your birthday is amazing, sweetie! <3

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i’m so fucking upset

image jeff davis

And I don’t care whether Crystal Reed wanted to leave. I don’t care that she sacrificed herself for her BFF. If Allison needed to be written off the show she should have done all the ass kicking she needed to do in the finale and then had a very emotional scene with Chris and Scott where she explained that Beacon Hills had a pack to protect it again and that she needed to spread her wings. To go out on the road and protect the creatures that are being hunted down and killed because of hate and fear instead of because they’re doing harm.

Basically she would be the opposite of the Winchesters: protecting the supernatural from the mundane who want to destroy them. And maybe along the way she picks up a couple of hitchhikers - a blonde bombshell and a tall dark and handsome - coincidentally named Erica and Boyd. And man is it hella awkward at first, but they keep bumping into each other. Keep going after the same rumors. Keep helping each other and saving each other, and eventually all those rough edges file down into something sharp and deadly and until one day they realize that they’re a unit. And even more, they’re family.

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So out of dozens of dudes on the show, half of which have no real purpose whatsoever in the story arc, we lost one of the three main female characters. Awesome.


Okay seriously NO OFFENSE to Deputy Parrish fans, because he is hot and he has the sass and I understand why you like him, I like him too, but here’s the problem I’m having with Jeff Davis right now. (I say “right now” because I have problems with him always.) We know he has problems with writing black characters, in that apparently he thinks that giving them storylines would make Teen Wolf an “issues” show, and we know that he has trouble writing women in that he mostly kills them a lot. But both of Parrish’s predecessors — by which I mean the most visible recurring deputy characters — were black women. So the difference between their presence on the show and his presence on the show is like… REALLY obvious. And depressing.

The first one didn’t have a name, as far as I know, and I can’t recall her having any lines either, aside from that time Derek flirted with her. She died horribly in Matt’s attack on the sheriff station. The second one didn’t have any lines at all to my recollection (somebody please correct me if I’m wrong I’m mentally blocking out large swaths of season 3A), but we got a name for her and a bit of dialogue about who she was and Stiles’ backstory with her, essentially so that we and Stiles would feel personally invested in her death, despite her total lack of on-screen anything. (She also died horribly, sacrificed by the Darach; all of her character development, if you could call it that, was post-mortem.) [EDIT: I’ve just been reminded she had a few lines, the most significant of which were when she told Danny and some other kids to leave the school. I forgot about it because I was busy shouting at my television at the time with things like NO YOU LEAVE THE SCHOOL. YOU LEAVE IT. YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY ABOUT TO DIE. And then she died. Son of a bitch.]

The thing is, you could’ve taken either of those deputies and given them any of Parrish’s lines and given them the exact same level of development with zero changes to those scripts. They could’ve sassed back at some assholes and had an Army backstory and bad-ass expertise and moments of cool. But they didn’t get that. They were in the background and then they were dead. And then you have an attractive white guy cast for basically the SAME PART, and his casting is announced in advance, he’s got a name, he’s got an actual part, he’s got a backstory, a few good scenes, dialogue, and springboarding off of that he’s already basically got a fan club.

My point isn’t that you shouldn’t like him, because I totally support your life choices, A+++ would stare at his pretty eyes again. My point is mostly that the way you write black characters is by writing them. As characters. Like it’s seriously not that fucking hard.

IDEK I was just thinking about how bad-ass that first female deputy would’ve looked in a flak jacket, doing bomb squad-y stuff. Also, I like to think she and Derek went on a date later and had terrific, life-affirming, no-strings-attached casual sex. With cuddling after. Because goddammit they both deserved it.

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I guess that sole comment where someone suggested Stiles should go for Derek was easy to miss… [x]

Yeah, no, that’s most definately not what the majority of us said. But I get it DEREK is a name that could so easily mistaken for LYDIA or MALIA, ami’righ?

I’ve been ignoring that Facebook post, because the screencaps turning up on my feed made it clear it was eye-roll worthy. Given the responses being posted by fans, I figured the PR team would just let it quietly disappear.

Obviously I gave them too much credit. This “summary” of the response is so poorly done. Shame on you Teen Wolf PR team. If you had to make a post and didn’t want to mention Derek, it could still have been spun in ways which weren’t gross, including focusing on how worried the fans were for Stiles’ wellbeing — that could actually have made really great copy. Much more fresh and interesting than the tripe peddled in this article.

But no, instead the writer went for a complete disregard of the two clearly expressed popular opinions, and a gross misrepresentation based on the few other comments for the sake of a het love triangle that barely exists in the show.

Homophobic. Lacking compassion for mental health issues. Unethical misrepresentation of the facts.

Congratulations. You’ve achieved a trifecta of incompetence, Teen Wolf PR.

Emphasis mine.